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Manufacture of tailor-made liquid solutions for crop nutrition

The company has two of the largest and most modern liquid fertiliser factories in Europe.


Agralia Fertilizantes.

Leaders in high value-added liquid fertilisation

This company, founded in 2001 and a full part of the Fertiberia Group since 2008, is dedicated to the liquid fertiliser manufacturing sector and has two of the largest and most modern liquid fertiliser factories in Europe.

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  • The first of our production plants was inaugurated in 2005 and is located next to the company's head office in the municipality of Altorricón (Huesca). It has a total surface area of 84,000 m², 24,000 m² of which are occupied by production and storage facilities while the rest of the land is used for complementary uses and services.
  • Since 2015, we have also had a factory in Villalar de los Comuneros (Valladolid), where one of our group's logistics centres is also located. Between them, we supply the entire north and centre of the peninsula.


Tailor-made liquid solutions to fertilise all types of crops

  • We manufacture compound liquid N-P-K fertilisers adapted to all crops for direct application to the field or fertigation, such as high concentration liquids, clear neutral liquids and clear acid liquids. We also manufacture liquid nitrogen solutions enriched with macro- and/or microelements, and we manufacture and market nutritional deficiency correctors and biostimulants.
  • Our commercial activity is complemented with solid fertilisers produced by the rest of the group's companies, such as soluble solids suitable for fertigation (Fertiberia AQUA) and solids (Fertiberia CLASSIC), as well as nitrates and NPK compound fertilisers.
  • We have now added to our catalogue a range of state-of-the-art biotechnological products such as biofertilisers, bioprotectants and biostimulants.
  • It also has a wide range of products for industrial use.


Altorricón and Villalar de los Comuneros, strategic centres for intensive and extensive agriculture in the north and centre of Spain

At Agralia we have two of Fertiberia's 14 production centres.

  • Both our head office and the first of our production plants, inaugurated in 2005, benefit from their location in the municipality of Altorricón, in Huesca, with a long agricultural tradition and excellent communications.
  • The modern plant in Villalar de los Comuneros, in Valladolid, in operation since 2015, facilitates the distribution of our products as it is located in the centre of this autonomous community.

These two locations allow our area of influence to be very wide, with a commercial presence in the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Aragon, Castilla-León, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, the Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja, as well as the whole of the Levante region.

Head Office

Activity. Production and sale of fertilisers and industrial products

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Our Head Office
Agralia Fertilizantes, S.L.U.
Crta. San Sebastián – Tarragona N-240, km 118,3
22540 Altorricón (Huesca, Spain)

+34 974 425 925


Tailor-made formulas

At Agralia we specialise in the manufacture of tailor-made liquid solutions for the nutrition of all types of crops, whether applied by foliar application, fertigation or directly to the soil.


Nutritive, biotechnological liquid formulas to supplement crop nutrition, biofertilisation and bioprotection.


Water-soluble liquid and solid crop nutrition for application through irrigation water. Suitable for precision agriculture.


Solid crop nutrition compounds for direct application to the soil. Characterized by their high quality.


Product quality, one of our priorities

Our commitment to quality is permanent from the beginning to the end of the process: from the control of the raw materials to the finished products, including all intermediate stages.

This complete supervision allows us to have full traceability and ensures accreditation recognised in the market.

Use of top-quality raw materials

Permanent analytical control

Quality Management


Analysis and certification of all shipments


Tools to get the most out of crops

In order to get the most out of farms, thorough knowledge of the characteristics and particularities of the soil is essential. To that end, we provide farmers with different calculators to make their daily work easier.


Application that allows accurate and reliable fertiliser recommendations based on the interpretation of the results obtained in previous analyses.

Soil, plant and water analyses

Fertilising tips taking into account soil fertility and nutrient content in plants and irrigation water.

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