Innovation and sustainability applied to agriculture

Innovation and sustainability

We are known for always offering fertilizers of the highest quality and the best service to our customers. We devote significant resources to research and development, continuously creating new fertilizers adapted to the needs of the farmer.

Projects I+D+i

Planning for the future

We participate very actively in research projects in Spain and abroad, working in coordination with universities and public and private bodies to take advantage of all the Spanish and European scientific capital.


Infinite Fertilizers

Towards a more sustainable world

We are taking another step in the commitment acquired through Product Stewardship. Infinite Fertilizers covers the demands of Product Stewardship and a new concept called Nutrient Stewardship.


Doctoral Thesis in Agricultural Matters

At Fertiberia, we are aware of the important role the company plays in the agricultural sector and, therefore, we consider it essential to support and encourage research and, more specifically, everything related to fertilizers and their application in agriculture.


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