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Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars on which Fertiberia bases its strategy. It is a way of ensuring competitiveness by guaranteeing the sustainability of our activity and contributing to that of agriculture.

Fertiberia, through its R&D activities, manages to maintain its position as a leading company in the fertilizer sector. It offers modern, evolved products that are adapted to the needs of the producer and, at the same time, expands its knowledge in order to continue giving a valuable consultancy service to the farmer.

The research activity covers industrial, agricultural and environmental projects alike. The Technical Department oversees improvements in efficiency in production processes, in terms of both energy and the consumption of raw materials, with the resulting positive impact for the environment. It also deals with the development of new manufacturing technologies.

 The main purpose of the R&D Division is to broaden the range of products offered by Fertiberia and adapt it to the changes required by new crop-growing techniques, introduced species and EU and Spanish agricultural and environmental policies, to help achieve the company’s sales and market objectives, maintaining the principles of sustainability and rationalisation of fertilization.

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High added value nitrogen fertilisers


Integrated valorisation of algae


Inductive fertilization: nutritional and crop development improvement.


Innovation to improve the efficiency of fertilizers.

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