Anhava project


High added value nitrogen fertilisers

Fertiberia is a leader in the manufacture and marketing of fertilisers, particularly nitrogenous ones, with nitrates being its highest production products. Fertiberia is Spain’s only producer of nitrates and is the main manufacturer in the Mediterranean. The specialisation and differentiation of nitrogen fertilisers, adapting them to the nutritional needs of plants, to new cultivation techniques, to market requirements and to the demands of agricultural and environmental legislation, will allow the company to improve its competitiveness and international growth, and to offer more advanced and improved products to farmers.



The main objective of this project is to develop differentiated and novel nitrogen fertilisers for the market, improving the efficiency in the use of nitrogen and associated environmental parameters.

The Anhava project, High added value ammonium nitrate, seeks to optimise the formulation process for advanced fertilisers and their agri-environmental validation.

In order to do this we have a highly specialised and competent technical and research team, as well as prestigious collaborative entities in the project sphere.

Research activities are carried out in the Agri-environmental Technologies Centre (CTA) Fertiberia-University of Seville, as well as in the laboratories and facilities of the manufacturing sites.




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Innovation to improve the efficiency of fertilizers.

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