Cenit-Vida innovation project


Integrated valorisation of algae

The VIDA project is a revolutionary scientific and technological initiative in the field of microalgae. It sets out R&D activities that will involve a qualitative and quantitative leap in knowledge in many different sectors (such as food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, livestock, waste treatment and management, renewable energy, materials, construction and urban management).

The work done by the project focuses on innovation in the processing of microalgae, a group of living organisms that is currently the focus of a great deal of attention due to its potential in the bioenergy sector, pharmaceutical sector (anti-cancer treatment, antioxidants and other bioactive compounds and pigments), industry (polymers, pigments for varnishes and paints) and the agricultural sector (fertilizer products for agriculture and lipids, proteins and carbohydrates for animal feed). Our involvement in this project focuses on the large-scale production of algae biomass and its valorisation.

Organisations taking part: In addition to 25 research organisations, thirteen companies are participating in the CENIT-VIDA project together with Fertiberia: Algaenergy, Andrés Pintaluba, Aqualia Gestión Integral del Agua, Biogas Fuel Cell, Cervecera & Pioz SIp, Ct Ingenieros, Everis Servicios Energéticos, Fundación Cajamar, Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción, Industrias Químicas Irurena, Inkoa Sistemas and Repsol.



    Selection and cultivation of microalgae: research on new methodologies and technologies for the identification, analysis and genetic selection of algae and their cultivation; design and implementation of technologies for the cultivation of microalgae, optimising their integral use and ensuring their sustainability.


    Culture medium, harvesting and pre-concentration: optimisation of the culture medium; technological solutions for obtaining oxygen and drinking water from the culture medium; design of systems for the processing and conditioning of algae.


    Valorisation: obtaining knowledge and innovative methodologies that promote the development of new technologies in the design, formulation and application of natural organic compounds or biological derivatives based on microalgae for: nutrition and functional foods, pharmaceutical products, nutrients and biostimulants for agriculture, animal feeds, biosensors, biomarkers and bioenergy.


    Self-sufficient and sustainable bio-city: generation of breakthrough technologies based on biological solutions that allow a new urban paradigm to be established through research into an innovative model of a sustainable self-sufficient bio-city, or BIOCAS.

More information at: cenitvida.es


From June 2010 to December 2013.


€ 18.8 million (Fertiberia budget: € 610,000).



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