Innovation project Grow-IN


Inductive fertilization: nutritional and crop development improvement.

The evolution that is taking place in Spain and in neighbouring countries towards more modern and technified agriculture, in which sustainability and productivity are indispensable requisites for the survival of the agricultural sector, represents an opportunity for innovation. Fertiberia has risen to the challenge and is firmly committed to research and innovation as the way to contribute to improving the company's competitivity and growth.


The current agronomic trend requires greater efficacy of fertilizers, and increasing the efficiency of the products and greater sustainability and security in order to obtain greater productivity.

Thanks to the Grow-In project, we aim to initiate a new philosophy for the application of fertilizers complementing the nutrients with other substances or compounds that improve the plant development and the plant-fertilizer interaction.

The new compounds will constitute bridges between the plant and the nutrients, thereby achieving optimal use and exploitation of the nutrients.

The general purpose of the project is the design and development of a range of fertilizer products with an inductive activity on nutritional improvement and crop development.




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High added value nitrogen fertilisers


Integrated valorisation of algae


Nutrient recovery from biobased waste for fertilizer production


Innovation to improve the efficiency of fertilizers.

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