Innpeffer innovation project


Innovation to improve the efficiency of fertilizers.

Among the measures proposed to increase competitiveness in today’s agriculture, the maximum use of resources, the proper management of farms and the conservation of soil resources in the long term all stand out. In this sense, potential exists for improving the use of the main nutrients in agricultural crops. This helps achieve maximum fertilization efficiency, a high yield and, therefore, profitability for the farmer. At Fertiberia, we are developing the INNPEFFER project in collaboration with the Universities of León and Salamanca and with the IRNASA-CSIC of Salamanca. It is financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with case number IPT-2011-1283-060000, within the National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan for 2008-2011 and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The main objective of the project is to optimise the use of fertilizer in the soil by crops, with an emphasis on two of the main nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus. The high demand for these nutrients by crops, as well as their nature and properties, make them susceptible to variations in their chemical forms and mobility once applied to the soil. This project aims to move forward in the design of technologies that maximise the use of these nutrients in different types of soil and conditions of use.




€ 1,096,769.70, of which € 903,681.50 correspond to Fertiberia.



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