Newfert innovation project


Nutrient recovery from biobased waste for fertilizer production

The NewFert ​​project, coordinated by Fertiberia, is clearly framed by the concepts of the circular economy and green chemistry, identified as priorities by the European Union, and which are based on maximising the use of existing resources, improving their efficiency, recovery and recycling.

Project partners: University of León, Drague & Mate International (Spain), Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gemeinnützige GmbH (Germany), Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture –IRSTEA- (France), and Proman Management GmbH (Austria).


The Newfert project aims to recover nutrients from waste to be incorporated into the manufacture of fertilizers

The main objective of the proposal is the construction of an innovative concept of the fertilizer industry: strengthening European competitiveness and increasing the potential of the “bioeconomy” in Europe through the development of a new value chain based on processes of the recovery of nutrients from waste for the manufacture of fertilizers.

NEWFERT will therefore help reduce the dependence on raw materials, avoid the depletion of resources and reduce environmental impacts, increasing the sustainability of the fertilizer industry.

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2,419,740 € (EU contribution: 1,209,520.50 €).



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