Doctoral Thesis in Agricultural Themes

Doctoral thesis
on agricultural issues

At Fertiberia, we are aware of the important role the company plays in the agricultural sector and, therefore, we consider it essential to support and encourage research, in particular that related to fertilizers and their application in agriculture.

Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis

In 1995, we created the Fertiberia Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis on Agricultural Issues in collaboration with the Official College of Agronomists of Central and the Canary Islands. This € 24,000 is the most generous in Spain and stands out for the quality of the theses presented. The purpose of this prize is to promote a rational and responsible application of fertilizers that is compatible with the criteria of sustainable development.


Latest winning thesis

19th call (2015-2016)
Evaluation of nitrogen measurements in plant for use as a system of recommendation of nitrogen fertilizer in the cultivation of cauliflower
By Luis Rivacoba Gómez

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