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Fertiberia has maintained an active commitment to Spanish society for over 20 years, carrying out different cultural and academic activities and supporting sport in Spain through sponsorship and collaboration in very different types of events.

Children's Rural Painting Competition

This competition is an initiative promoted by Fertiberia to encourage children in rural and agricultural Spain to become interested in art and develop their skills. Fertiberia works in this environment every day, and is also keen to reward the teaching work carried out in the schools in these areas, which are unfortunately sometimes forgotten.

Vuelta Ciclista a España

La Vuelta Ciclista a España, or Cycle Tour of Spain, is one of the sporting events that arouses most passion among Spaniards each year. La Vuelta takes to the road at the end of August, going through the fields and lands of the whole country, even reaching the most remote towns and cities. Every autumn, people who live in the countryside get ready to greet the cyclists and get excited along with them.

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