Children's Rural Painting Competition

This competition began in 1996 and is aimed at children in the first cycle of primary school, from 6 to 10 years-old in rural towns and provinces where agriculture is of great importance. The themes of the paintings should be related to nature, plants, their growth and their function as generators of food.

From the very first year, it has been a highly successful event in terms of participation, with more than 1,500 schools from all over Spain taking part. The Jury is made up of representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture, professional experts from the world of culture and people related to Fertiberia, and is usually presided over by someone relevant from the world of art and culture.

At each edition, the staff belonging to Fertiberia's Commercial Management organise a prize-giving event in the towns in which the winning children live. These events are a genuine social happening and, as well as the school students, they enjoy the participation of the school management, local authorities, the media, and those responsible for education in the Autonomous and Provincial Communities.

As part of the activities of the Children’s Rural Painting Competition sponsored by Fertiberia, a mutual collaboration agreement was signed with UNICEF to favour children, meaning that in addition to having an educational character, this activity contributes economically to improving the life of young children in the most disadvantaged places. This competition is also backed by the Framework Agreement reached in its day with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid, for which a collaboration space was established between Fertiberia and the MUPAI (Pedagogic Museum of Children's Art) for activities related to children's art, creativity and artistic education.

Winners of the 2018 competition

These are our three winners of this year's competition. Congratulations to the three of you and well done to everybody for their fantastic work!


1st PRIZE - 6.000 euros

Britney María Pintilii Pintilii (3rd Grade)

C.E.I.P. Castrelo do Miño

Castrelo do Miño (Ourense)




2nd PRIZE - 2.000 euros

Marina Pastor de Santiago (3rd Grade)

C.E.I.P. Alonso de Berruguete

Paredes de Nava (Palencia)



3° PRIZE - 1.000 euros

Charaf El-Ghalid (4th Grade)

C.E.I.P. Raimundo Lanas

Murillo el Fruto (Navarra)



Gallery of winners

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