Product categories for agriculture

Traditionally manufactured and marketed by Fertiberia, this is a range of simple and complex fertilizers, mainly used to fertilize the main crops which are applied directly to the soil. They are products that range from commodities like urea to more complex products, such as the NPK products adapted to specific crops and the new Plus Edition.

Totally-soluble solid and liquid fertilizers that are applied dissolved in the irrigation water, using different sprinkler or localisation systems. Products of the highest quality and purity that allow farmers to get the best yield out of their farm thanks to the better and faster assimilation of their nutrients.

These are very efficient products to complement the nutrition of crops and correct sporadic and immediate deficiencies, in macro as well as micronutrients. They correct deficiencies, stimulate growth and even regulate pH; they are simple or complex; they are all compatible with most phytosanitary products.

Fertiberia Fertilizers

At Fertiberia we manufacture our fertilizers with the purest and most soluble raw materials and using the most innovative industrial processes.

The best chemical quality

· Fully assimilable nutrients

· Phosphorus usable by the crop in its entirety

· With secondary nutrients and with micronutrients

The best physical quality

· Homogeneous particle size, hardness and resistance, low hygroscopicity

· Perfect distribution in the field

In addition to the fact that these products enjoy Fertiberia’s quality guarantee and the guarantee of our production systems, at Fertiberia we inform you in as much detail as possible of the physical and chemical characteristics of each of them and the guidelines that you must follow for correct application. New products are regularly added to this range, always at the forefront of research in the fertilizer sector.

Different types of NPK

Knowing the type of phosphorus, soluble or from phosphate rock, is a determining factor

Complex VS Blending

If you still think that blending is more profitable than complex, you should read this

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