Calcium nitrate solution for fertigation

Calcium nitrate solution for fertigation

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CalciLiq 16

Calcium Nitrate Solution 8 (16)


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CalciLiq 16 calcium nitrate solution 8 (16) contains nitric nitrogen and calcium oxide, meaning that its application is very suitable for correcting calcium deficiencies in soils that are deficient in this element and in demanding crops such as horticultural, fruit and citrus crops.

In the soil, calcium displaces the sodium supplied by the saline/sodium water, improving the means of crop development.

Applying the product to tree crops fertirrigated by drip irrigation, mainly from the third year, is very beneficial, since the use of acid fertilizers and the continuous washing of the bulb, especially in sandy soils, decreases its calcium content.

This fertilizer is applied throughout the crop cycle, divided into different doses according to the need curve of calcium.

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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 8.0
  • Nitric nitrogen %N 8 mín.
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen %N 1 máx.
  • Calcio water-soluble %CaO 16.0

Form of application

It is applied by adding the product to irrigation water with special equipment.

The decrease in pH is favoured by dissolving the product in water.




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