Ammonium Nitrate-Urea 30 Solution

Ammonium Nitrate-Urea 30 Solution

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Ammonium Nitrate-Urea 30 Solution

with sulphur and magnesium


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It is a liquid fertilizer that jointly provides nitrogen, sulphur and magnesium. The synergy between the three elements favours the maximum benefit from the product and improves the yield and the quality of the crops.

Numerous trials carried out confirm very significant increases in yield.

NGreen contains:

  • Nitrogen in its three forms
  • Gradual-release sulphur with immediate availability that facilitates the greater assimilation of nitrogen, mobilises phosphorus and potassium, and soil micronutrients.
  • Totally assimilable magnesium.

NGreen adapts to all soils but is especially suitable for chalky soils, with high potassium content or magnesium deficiency.

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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 30.0
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen %N 7.8
  • Nitrogen nitrate %N 7.7
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 14.5
  • Sulphur %SO3 2.5
  • Magnesium %MgO 0.6

Form of application

It is a very versatile fertilizer that adapts to very different growing practices.

It is distributed:

  • Using self-propelled or towed sprayers.
  • In fertigation: pivot, sprinkler and drip irrigation.

It can be applied very evenly due to its physical and chemical characteristics.

Pumps and pipes made in suitable materials should be used and care taken to use only water to wash the circuits at the end of irrigation.

Suitable for applying as a top dressing.



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