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Fertibersol Nitro

Ammonium Nitrate 34.5 Soluble


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Fertibersol Nitro is the brand name of Fertiberia’s soluble ammonium nitrate 34.5%, a product that is indicated for use in fertigation and hydroponics due to its high level of purity and very high solubility.

The unique properties of Fertibersol Nitro make it possible to use:

  • Directly in the irrigation water, after being dissolved.
  • To manufacture nitrogen stock solutions.
  • To manufacture stock solutions resulting from mixing several fertilizers.

Ammonium nitrate 34.5 contains 50% of the nitrogen in nitric form, and the other 50% in ammoniacal form. Once dissolved and injected into the irrigation system, most of the nitrogen present is immediately assimilable by the crop, with a part being retained in the soil exchange complex. The nitrogen is therefore distributed very homogeneously through the wet bulb.


Notable features:

  • High content of nitrogen that is directly assimilated, which should not be transformed like urea.
  • Highly resistant grain that allows it to be preserved better in bulk.
  • High purity that allows stock solutions to be manufactured that are very concentrated and without foam.
  • Compatible with all soluble and liquid fertilizers for the manufacture of stock solutions.


  • Presentation

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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 34.5
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen %N 17.6
  • Nitrogen nitrate %N 16.9

Form of application

  • Once dissolved, it is compatible with all irrigation systems.
  • When this fertilizer is dissolved in the irrigation water, the pH drops slightly, which prevents the formation of precipitates and makes it easier to maintain the irrigation systems.
  • Whenever possible, it is advisable to prepare a stock solution to buffer the drop in temperature caused by the endothermic reaction when it dissolves.
  • To prepare this stock solution, one part of ammonium nitrate, approximately 40-50 kg, is dissolved in 100 litres of water.
  • It should be applied little by little, distributing the total dose according to the need curve of each crop and throughout the crop cycle.

Other considerations

According to EC Regulation No. 2003/2003, products with nitrogen content above 28%, as in the case of ammonium nitrate 34.5, must be delivered to the agricultural user packaged, and must be subject to the corresponding legislation on storage, transport by road, ship, etc.



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