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Calcium Nitrate 15.5 (27)


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Calcium nitrate 15.5 (27) is a double salt of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate that supplies 14.5% of nitrogen in nitric form, with immediate assimilation, a small percentage in ammoniacal form, of more prolonged assimilation, and a 27% calcium oxide that is totally soluble in water.

It is essential in the prevention and correction of calcium deficiencies in citrus, fruit, lettuces, melons, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Reduces the risks of the sodification of non-chalky soils when irrigated with saline/sodium water.

Improves the appearance of the fruits and lengthens their storage period.

It is essential for hydroponic crops and ideal for fertigation and foliar application in all crops, both herbaceous and woody.

It is applied throughout the whole growing cycle.

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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 15.5
  • Nitric nitrogen %N 14.5
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen %N 1.0
  • calcium water-soluble %CaO 27.0

Form of application

It is advisable to add the calcium nitrate to the irrigation water by preparing a stock solution. Up to 30 kg of product can be dissolved in 100 litres of water, depending on whether it is winter or summer.

This product should not be applied in mixtures with sulphates, and may also present incompatibilities with phosphates.




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