Fertibersol Cristal Urea Crystalline

Fertibersol Cristal Urea Crystalline

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Fertibersol Cristal

Urea 46 cristal


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Crystalline urea is a totally soluble product with a high nitrogen content, 46%. Its low biuret content, less than 0.25%, makes this fertilizer very suitable for foliar application.

It is applied by the foliar route when the crops require a fast supply of nitrogen or have difficulties of absorption through the roots due to high soil moisture, cold, excessive pruning or drought. At low temperatures, this foliar absorption is more intense than via the root, although it is not advisable to apply the product if they are below 10 ºC.

To optimise use in woody crops, it should be applied during the development of floral buds and when the petals drop.

It is also used in fertigation systems thanks to its very high solubility.

It is applied to all types of crops, both herbaceous and woody.

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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 46.0
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 46.0
  • Solubility Muy alta 1080 gr/l a 20ºC
  • ph in aqueous solution 10% 9-10

Form of application

Crystalline urea is applied by spraying the solution onto the leaves, preferably on the underside, which is the part of the leaf where the absorption is the most intense.

It is not advisable to apply the product at temperatures below 10 ºC.




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