Fertibersol Ural Urea Miniprill

Fertibersol Ural Urea Miniprill

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Fertibersol Ural

Urea 46 miniprill


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Nitrogen in ureic form is recognised as the most efficient for foliar applications, a widespread practice that requires high-quality, pure products that are easy to handle.

Ural comes in miniprill format, favouring its management in different containers.

Also, a 25% reduction of biuret as compared to traditional ureas, allows Ural to be used in foliar applications with increased dosing range, fulfilling the safety requirements of most crops at the recommended doses.

The solubility of Ural is similar to other low concentration ureas, with the exception of granulated urea whose dissolving speed is slower. In conditions close to saturation, Ural stands out as the urea that needs the shortest time to reach saturation compared to granulated urea that needs the most time. This comparison makes Ural a premium product on the market for use in fertirrigation.

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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 46.0
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 46.0
  • Solubility Muy alta 1080 gr/l a 20ºC
  • ph in aqueous solution 10% 9-10

Form of application

Miniprill urea is applied by spraying the solution onto the leaves, preferably on the underside, which is the part of the leaf where the absorption is the most intense.

It is not advisable to apply the product at temperatures below 10 ºC.




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