ASUre Plus nitrogen with sulfur 30 (15) with NBPT Retard

ASUre Plus nitrogen with sulfur 30 (15) with NBPT Retard

Fertiberia CLASSIC / Plus Edition / Nitrogen with sulphur 30 (15) with NBPT Retard

ASUre Plus

Nitrogen with sulphur 30 (15) with NBPT Retard

with zinc


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ASUre Plus is Fertiberia’s new fertilizer which, thanks to its NBPT Retard, regulates the transformation of urea into ammonium, reducing nitrogen losses by over 50% due to the volatilisation that takes place on applying granulated urea.

The retardant action of NBPT Retard along with the beneficial effect produced by the joint assimilation of nitrogen and sulphur mean that ASUre Plus is the most suitable urea-based top dressing for surface applications. it is especially indicated for top dressing in soils with high carbonate levels where the ureic nitrogen has a very high level of volatilisation.

The enhancing effect of zinc on the functions of nitrogen, give a unique character to ASUre Plus.

NBPT Retard or urease inhibitor:  this is a compound designed to delay the transformation of ureic nitrogen into ammonia for a certain period of time, thus decreasing the speed with which the urea is enzymatically hydrolysed in the soil.

In addition to the content of NBPT Retard, which reduces losses, the unique formulation of ASUre Plus combines two types of nitrogen with a high content of water-soluble sulphur, guaranteeing a complete top dressing that is more efficient than nitrogen fertilizers with a urea-based composition.

Its significant sulphur content produces very beneficial effects on the soil and the plants:

  • It improves the N/S balance, favouring the assimilation of both nutrients.
  • Sulphur improves the assimilation of nitrogen, slowing nitrification, and mobilises phosphorus, potassium and soil micronutrients.
  • The combined application of nitrogen and sulphur applied on the surface favours the decomposition of the plant remains present in the soil, accelerating their transformation into nutrients.
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Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N 30.0
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 25.0
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen %N 5
  • Sulphur water-soluble %SO3 15
  • Urease inhibitor NBPT % 0.09
  • Zinc from sulfate %Zn 0,1

Form of application

  • It can be used both during sowing and as a top dressing.
  • As a top dressing, it must be applied when the crop demands a greater amount of nitrogen.
  • For applications when sowing, in order to gain maximum benefit and prevent losses due to ammonium volatilisation, the fertilizer should be incorporated into the soil after digging the surface, especially with the following conditions: chalky soils, a dry environment and high temperatures.
  • Suitable for all types of soil.



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