NPK (S) y (Mg-S) Complex Plus con X-Tra Efficiency

NPK (S) y (Mg-S) Complex Plus con X-Tra Efficiency

Fertiberia CLASSIC / Plus Edition / NPK (S) y (Mg-S) with X-Tra Efficiency

NPK (S) y (Mg-S) Complex Plus with X-Tra Efficiency

NPK (S) y (Mg-S) with X-Tra Efficiency


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Complex Plus formulas with X-Tra Efficiency are innovative formulas on the market that, thanks to their enormous versatility and efficiency, offer the farmer a highly profitable solution whatever the nature of their cultivation.

These are complex NPK fertilizers that incorporate a set of organic and mineral compounds that optimize the agro-environmental characteristics of fertilization. The tests carried out have shown that the addition of X-Tra Efficiency to fertilizers, both for its organic character and for the components that accompany it, makes it possible to accelerate the mineralization and improve the availability of all the nutrients of the fertilizer, promoting the assimilation of them and thus stimulating plant growth.

X-Tra Efficiency: Combination of organic biomolecules, easily mineralized and fully available, which act as a protective agent of the accompanying nutrients. Thanks to their small size and large specific surface area, these biomolecules have the ability to activate nutrient absorption channels in the roots, facilitating the transit of macro and micronutrients into the plant.

Nitrogen: It contains nitrogen in two forms, nitric and ammoniacal, which along with the DCD content prolongs its availability for the crop.

Phosphorus: It is 100% assimilable. Its high solubility in water facilitates its transport to the root of the plant.

Potassium: Originating in the sulphate, it is completely chloride-free, reducing the salinity of the soil.

Magnesium: Increasingly in demand due to a lack of this element in soils, magnesium is the central molecule of chlorophyll and as such improves photosynthesis in the plant.

Sulphur: Component of amino acids, vitamins, proteins. Increasing deficiencies due to low soil levels. It also regulates the availability of nitrogen and mobilizes phosphorus and potassium, and soil micronutrients.

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Technical specifications

Nitrógeno total N (%) Nitrógeno amoniacal N (%) Nitrógeno ureico N (%) Fósforo total P2O5 (%) Fósforo soluble en agua P2O5 (%) Potasio soluble en agua K2O (%) Magnesio total MgO (%) Azufre total SO3 (%) Azufre soluble en agua3 (%) Boro soluble en agua B (%) Hierro soluble en agua Fe (%)
Complex Plus 8-8-20 (12) 8,0 8,0 - 8,0 7,0 20,0 - 12,0 10,0 - -
Complex Plus 14-10-16 (2-24) 14,0 12,0 2,0 10,0 9,0 16,0 2,0 24,0 21,6 - -
Complex Plus 20-5-8 (31) 20,0 12,0 8,0 5,0 4,1 8,0 - 31,0 27,5 0,1 0,3


Form of application

It is advisable to apply NPK complex fertilizers homogeneously on the surface of the soil and, if possible, dig them in so that they get near the roots. This facilitates the absorption of phosphorus and potassium, which are elements that are not very mobile.

In the case of tree crops, it can also be located between the rows.

It is recommended that all NPK complex fertilizers are applied:

  • Shortly before sowing in the case of herbaceous crops.
  • At least one month before sprouting in the case of tree crops, or in other words, far enough in advance before the plant needs the nutrients that we supply.



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