Glugel 12-24-12

Glugel 12-24-12

Fertiberia FOLIAR / Complexes / NPK 12-24-12

GLUGEL 12-6-12

Glugel 12-24-12

NPK 12-24-12

with micronutrients and low in chloride


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Glugel is presented in several balances and formulations to adapt to the needs of the crops and the characteristics of the soils.

Glugel 12-24-12 with micronutrients is a foliar fertilizer with an ideal 1-2-1 NPK balance. It is a starter fertilizer which promotes healthier plants and provides nutrients for the rooting and flowering processes. It is a fertilizer rich in phosphorus that is compensated by nitrogen and potassium and has a neutral pH.

Within the plant it combines with components produced by the metabolism of carbohydrates to form amino acids and proteins. In this way, it is an essential component of proteins and is involved in all the main processes of plant development and in obtaining a higher yield.

Phosphorus plays an important role in the transfer of energy, which is so essential during the period when plants are in flower. This is why it is essential for photosynthesis and for other chemical and physiological processes. It is essential for the differentiation of cells and for the development of tissues, which form the growth points of the plant.

Safety data sheet Fertiberia FOLIAR catalogue

Technical specifications (m/v)

  • Total nitrogen %N 12.0
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen %N 4.7
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 7.3
  • Phosphorus water-soluble %P2O5 24.0
  • Potassium water-soluble %K2O 12.0
  • Boron water-soluble %B 0.012
  • Copper water-soluble %Cu-EDTA 0.009
  • Iron water-soluble %Fe-EDTA 0.026
  • Manganese water-soluble %Mn-EDTA 0.0014
  • Molybdenum water-soluble %Mo 0.001
  • Zinc water-soluble %Zn-EDTA 0.007

Form of application

Crop Dose Period of application
Olive 200-500 cc/hl

From 2-6 treatments.

Horticultural crops 150-350 cc/hl

From 2-5 treatments.

Fruit trees 200-500 cc/hl

From 2-6 treatments.

Crop Dose Period of application
Olive 2-5 l/ha

Repeat the treatment every 3-5 weeks.

Horticultural crops 100-400 cc/100 m²

Repeat the treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Fruit trees 2-5 l/ha

Repeat the treatment every 2-5 weeks.



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