Microfer Magnesium

Microfer Magnesium

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Microfer Magnesium

Complex magnesium solution


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Microfer Magnesium is a solution of complexed magnesium with lignosulphonic acid that can be applied in foliar spray. Indicated to correct magnesium deficiencies, favouring the synthesis of chlorophyll, optimising photosynthesis, amination, synthesis of proteins and obtaining energy by the plant.

Microfer Magnesium is recommended for:

- Washed acid soils, with little complex capable of retaining Mg.
- Soils that have been intensively cultivated for a long time.
- Sensitive crops or large consumers of magnesium such as fruit trees, vines, vegetables and maize.
- Intensively exploited grasslands, such as golf courses, and which receive large doses of manure or potash.

A deficiency of Mg is observed in the oldest leaves, producing a discoloration of the leaves, first along the ribs and then on the entire leaf, followed by necrosis that is yellow approaching brown.

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Technical specifications (m/v)

  • Magnesium water-soluble %MgO complex 10.0

Form of application

Crop Dose Period of application
Olive, Fruit, Citrus, Vines 200-300 cc/hl, 1-2 treatment

In citrus, at the beginning of sprouting and during the vegetative cycle. In others, at the appearance of the first symptoms.

Horticultural crops 300 cc/hl, 1-2 treatment

Growth of leaves.

Herbaceous and extensive 400-500 cc/hl, 1-3 treatment

Apply when the inner leaves turn yellow.



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