Energrow F20

Energrow F20

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Energrow F20

Nitrogen fertilizer 20


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Urea solution for the fast and efficient correction of nitrogen deficiencies. Increases the absorption of micronutrients by the plant and, being a buffered solution, the pH stays between 5.5-6.5, preventing the release of ammonia.

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Technical specifications (m/v)

  • Total nitrogen %N 22.4
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 22.4

Form of application

Crop Dose Period of application
Olive 1-2 l/hl (total maximum dose 150 l/ha)

Apply during times of maximum vegetative growth.

Vine 2 applications of 25 l / ha


Cereals and sugar beet 20 l/ha (total maximum dose: 200 l/ha)

Applications can coincide with foliar treatments with insecticides, herbicides, amino acids and correctors and be repeated as many times as necessary.

Citrus 40-50 l/ha (total maximum dose150 l/ha)

Apply in January/February for vegetative development and at the time of fruit swelling.

Stone and pip fruits total maximum: 50 l/ha

Several applications from the falling of petals to the swelling of the fruit.

Horticultural crops Total maximum: 50 l/ha

Several applications from transplant until the first fruits start to emerge .



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