Energrow Premium Fluid

Energrow Premium Fluid

Fertiberia FOLIAR / Nitrogen / Nitrogen fertilizer solution


Energrow Premium Fluid

Nitrogen fertilizer solution

with urea-formaldehyde


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This is a urea formaldehyde solution that contains the amount of nitrogen needed to cover the immediate needs of the crop and guarantees its gradual supply. The persistence of nitrogen is 8-10 weeks.

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Technical specifications (m/v)

  • Total nitrogen %N 30.0
  • Ureic nitrogen %N 5.0
  • Nitrogen from urea-formaldehyde %N 25.0

Form of application

Crop Dose Period of application
Olive 4-8 l/ha

Before flowering, at 30 days and 4 weeks before harvest.

Cotton 4-8 l/ha

In the 4-leaf state and repeat after flowering and during the formation of the capsules.

Cereals 4-8 l/ha

The first treatment between full tillering until the first knot, and the second between the flag leaf and flowering (it can be mixed with herbicides and fungicides).

Cucurbitaceae 4-8 l/ha

Before flowering and repeat when fruits set.

Stone fruits 4-8 l/ha

With pink bud and at 30 days.

Solanaceae 4-8 l/ha

At the beginning of flowering and at 14 days.

Citrus 8-10 l/ha

When the buds become differentiated, during flowering and repeat at 30 days.

Onion 8-10 l/ha

When the plant reaches 15 cm and repeat during the growth of the bulb and two weeks before harvest.

Leafy horticultural crops 8-10 l/ha

On the formation of the heart and repeat every 10 days.

Broccoli, Chinese cabbage and cauliflower 8-10 l/ha

On the formation of the heart and repeat every 14 days.

Strawberries 5 l/ha

Apply before flowering.

Strawberries 10 l/ha

Apply before flowering.

Lawn 75-100 l/ha

Up to 4 applications a year.

Golf courses and sports fields 100-200 l/ha

4-6 treatments as needed.

Greens and tees 1-1.5 l/100 m²


Crop Dose Period of application
All types of crops 15-30 l/ha en 3-5 aplicaciones

Times of increased demand for nitrogen.



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