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Type of crop

Start by selecting the type of crop on which you want to perform the fertilization calculations.

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Good, now click on the drop-down menu to select the specific crop that we are going to work on.


Level of organic matter

Please enter the organic matter level of your soil here if you know it. If you don’t, no problem, click continue.

% O.M.


It is important to know where the farm is located. Please select the province where your land is located from the drop-down menu so that we can fine-tune the results as much as possible.


Limiting factor

Now we need to know more about the fertility of your soil. For this we need you to indicate whether the levels of phosphorus and potassium on your land are high or low. If you don’t know or if the levels are stable, no problem, we will perform the calculations based on the average values ​​in your area. Please click continue.

Select an option from each column

PPhosphorus level
KPotassium level

Expected production

Now enter how many kilos per hectare you plan to obtain. This data is decisive to define the quantities of product that you will have to apply both in the basal dressing and in the top dressing.



Select one product for basal dressing and another for top dressing

Top dressing is not considered for this crop.

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  • 3Level of organic matter
  • 4Area
  • 5Limiting factor
  • 6Expected production
  • 7Products

For basal dressing, you will need...


{{resultFondo}} kg/ha See data sheet

For top dressing, you will need...


{{resultCobertera}} kg/ha See data sheet

*These recommendations are a guide and are adjusted based on nitrogen. For more exact fertilisation, it should be corrected according to the results of a soil and/or foliar analysis. In the event of doubt, consult the Agronomic Service.

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