Good agro-environmental practices


We have published several guides in which we provide farmers with advice on how to fertilize their crops and how to manage their farm in an environmentally efficient and responsible manner. The aim is to help disseminate the best agricultural practices among farmers to make their agricultural activity profitable.

Good Agro-Environmental Practices

This Guide to Good Agro-Environmental Practices provides a series of tips on fertilizing crops to optimise the application of nutrients on the one hand and, on the other hand, use them in the most environmentally-friendly and responsible way possible.


Good Practices
for Integrated Agriculture

This Guide offers farmers the keys to get to know their farm in detail, improve their agricultural practices and properly manage all resources to achieve progress in all areas of sustainable development.


Fertilizers Europe’s Code of Best Agricultural Practices

These codes were published by Fertilizers Europe and written by experts in fertilization and members of associated companies. The aim is to promote the responsible use of nitrogen fertilizers and urea to achieve an efficient handling of crops in the European area, preventing the contamination of the atmosphere and water.

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