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TRICHODEX® Grupo Fertiberia has evolved in search of profitable strategies, pioneering organic farming programmes, which are currently a reality in national and international markets and the purpose of which is the implementation of innovative solutions based on an agro-ecological and sustainable development approach.

In this sense, TRICHODEX® Grupo Fertiberia participates in the proof of concept, with end users, of a Bio-tool (generated in CGL2016-75550-R AEI/FEDER, EU) for the improvement of intensive agricultural practices (BIOFERSA). Project led by the University of Seville through the Applied Functional Ecology research group (RNM-035). In order to achieve the objectives of this project, apart from TRICHODEX, two entities are collaborating with the project: SensaCultivo and Grufesa.

The project focuses on validating the real potential and determining the particular conditions of use of bio-tools/biofertilisers designed to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of intensive agricultural practices in horticulture, in this case strawberry cultivation. Biofertilisers based on self-compatible bacteria with complementary PGP properties, with a high capacity to adapt to the environment, derived from the rhizosphere of halophytes, designed and tested under controlled conditions. Together with the implementation of a user-friendly mobile application for the storage and integration of agronomic and environmental data that will be made available to the technical teams of the different farms. To carry out the project, the consortium is funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Union Next Generation EU/PRTR.

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