Climate change is generating important stress episodes in crops, such as drought, extreme weather changes, salinity problems, etc. This worsening of weather conditions endangers agricultural production, generating numerous economic losses. One of the effects of this type of stress on the plant is the over-accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), including free radicals, leading to oxidative stress in the plant. Although ROS are formed in the plant as part of normal cellular metabolism, over-accumulation due to stress severely damages necessary cellular ingredients including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, DNA, etc., due to their highly reactive nature (Hasanuzzaman et al., 2020, Xie et al., 2019). Achieving a proper ROS balance allows for optimal redox reactions and regulation of numerous essential processes such as development and growth, and therefore production.


As in humans, in plants there are substances capable of maintaining an optimal level of ROS, avoiding negative consequences and neutralising free radicals, the so-called ANTIOXIDANTS. Antioxidants directly or indirectly scavenge ROS and/or control the production of ROS.  The plant antioxidant defence system consists of low molecular weight non-enzymatic antioxidants and some antioxidant enzymes. Non-enzymatic antioxidants such as AsA, GSH, α-tocopherol, phenolic compounds (PhOH), flavonoids, alkaloids and non-protein amino acids work in coordination with antioxidant enzymes such as SOD, CAT, POX, polyphenol oxidase (PPO), APX, MDHAR, DHAR, GR, GPX, GST, TRX and PRX to inhibit the overproduction of ROS (Hasanuzzaman., et al 2020).   BIOKELAT® is a line of foliar fertilisers with a biostimulant and elicitor effect, supplemented with organically complexed macro and microelements. It is formulated from a multi-stage fermentation process in a medium rich in Ascophyllum nodosum algae, amino acids and sugars. BIOKELAT® increases the concentration of antioxidants (α-tocopherol and ascorbic acid), mitigating oxidative stress in plants.  In trials carried out with BIOKELAT® under different stress conditions, we achieved:

Number of flowers per plant at the end of the water stress conditions. Different letters indicate statistical differences between treatments ANOVA, Duncan p<0.05. I*: increase with respect to the control calculated using Abbott's formula.

Trial 3: Evaluation trial of BIOKELAT®️ to increase plant tolerance to salt stress.


Dry weight of plants at the end of the trial

I*: increase with respect to the control calculated using Abbott's formula. SS: salt stress


Number of flower buds per plant at the end of the trial I*: increase with respect to the control calculated using Abbott's formula. SS: salt stress

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  • Leon, 2017

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