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We are points of reference in the production of environmental solutions for industry and other sectors.


Working to decarbonise industry

We work to produce environmental solutions for industry and other sectors, such as AdBlue®, a solution that makes it possible to eliminate nitrous oxide emissions in diesel vehicles, being the largest manufacturer in Spain and one of the largest in the European Union.

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We help to reduce nitrous oxide emissions during combustion in diesel vehicles by converting them into water and nitrogen vapour using AdBlue®, which is made up of osmotised water, free of impurities and metals, and with high-quality urea.

What we do
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Fertiberia, a leader in the production of green hydrogen and ammonia and high value-added crop nutrition and environmental solutions for industry

What we do

We design and manufacture the most efficient and sustainable products for agriculture and industry


Services to facilitate our customers’ daily tasks


Our pillars to ensure sustainable, innovative and committed investments.


Research, development and innovation for sustainable and responsible growth.

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