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Fertiberia: crop nutrition

Leaders in very high value-added products to meet the nutritional needs of the agriculture and gardening sectors.



We have the most sustainable, diversified and specialised catalogue of products, which allows us to meet all the current needs of the agricultural sector: from fertilisers for extensive rainfed crops to the most demanding irrigation for crops, such as drip irrigation, including extensive irrigation, taking into account all the climate and soil conditions in which they are grown.

Our products intended for agriculture are divided into the following categories:

  • Crop science
  • NPK and nitrogen products

Crop science

BIOSCIENCE, AQUA and NATURA product ranges

At Fertiberia, we manufacture products within the BIOSCIENCE, AQUA and NATURA ranges. These are highly innovative solutions that, beyond providing essential nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), provide biostimulants, micronutrients or microorganisms suitable for ecological and high-precision agriculture.

Nutritive, biotechnological liquid formulas to supplement crop nutrition, biofertilisation and bioprotection.
Water-soluble liquid and solid crop nutrition for application through irrigation water. Suitable for precision agriculture.
Organic and organo-mineral crop nutrition compounds to be applied to the soil. Suitable for ecological crops.

NPK and nitrogen products


This line includes our CLASSIC range, the most extensive and advanced range of nitrogen products in the world. They are highly sustainable and effective nutritional solutions focused on the essential NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) nutrients, and they also include Fertiberia's nitrification inhibitor SDCD.

Solid crop nutrition compounds for direct application to the soil. Characterized by their high quality.



Thanks to our extensive experience in the plant nutrition sector, in 2004 we launched the Fertiberia Jardín business area. We have a complete catalogue with products such as solid and liquid fertilisers, phytosanitary products and pest control products, among others.

Our products intended for gardening are divided into the following categories:

  • Garden
  • Green areas


Substrates and nutritional and complementary products

A complete range of products for the preparation of indoor and outdoor plants, garden and orchard.

Made with high quality raw materials, they guarantee the basis for correct growth, as they provide the plant with the ideal root environment for its development, guaranteeing both its anchorage and the supply of air, water and nutrients.
Mineral and organic fertilisers for all types of indoor plants, garden plants and an urban garden.
Solid fertilisers for kitchen garden and garden
Complete range of mineral fertilisers for the garden and kitchen garden. They improve root development and provide greater vigour and resistance against pests and diseases.
Solids for grass
Complete grass nutrition that meets high demands with the Césped PLUS slow-release fertiliser that ensures a balanced nutrition for more than three months.
Plant protection
Phytosanitary products and products that stimulate the natural resistance and defence mechanisms of plants to eliminate pests and diseases affecting plants in the garden and orchard.
Pest Control
Available in a wide range of solid and liquid formats, they guarantee protection against the main pests to control and eliminate flying and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches or wasps, which affect the indoor and outdoor domestic environment.
Complementary products to keep your plants full of life and colour These include nutrient deficiency correctors, root stimulators and other products that allow you to keep your plants in the best conditions.

Green areas

NPK Product Ranges

Two varieties of compound fertilisers that provide optimal plant growth and development in large gardens, golf courses and orchards.

NPK product range with Sulphur
High-quality complex fertilisers with a high sulphur content that provide adequate fertilisation for plants and crops.
NPK product range with potassium sulphate
High-quality, efficient, complex fertilisers that are low in chlorine and provide adequate fertilisation for optimum plant growth and development. It is recommended for use on citrus and fruit trees, trees and shrubs, lawns, vegetables, kitchen gardens in general, vineyards, nursery plants and garden maintenance.
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