Gardening tips

Gardening tips

Garden and lawn

Constructing a garden is a task that needs specific care. You must know things ranging from how to prepare the soil to identifying the most suitable plants for each creation. Watering, how to get rid of weeds and how to prune other techniques we will teach you. Be bold and create the garden you would like.

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Indoor and terrace plants

Getting to know the ideal plants for each kind of climate is essential for making a correct choice of the plants with which you wish to decorate your house. We will offer the advice to be taken into account when choosing the flower vase, the suitable temperatures and levels of light and you will be able to consult the needs of each plant.

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Pests at home

Pests can also appear inside the home. Here are some of the most common ones. Check out the specification sheets of the various insects and get to know each one's characteristics.

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Vegetable Garden

Creating your own vegetable garden is a gratifying task. In this section, we will show you, step by step, how to plant the vegetables you prefer. The advice will help you get to know how to prepare the soil, when you should rotate it, how to water and drain. If you are keen and dedicate time it can be a delightful hobby.

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