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The Fertiberia Garden line of products offers multiple solutions designed to adapt to the specific needs of amateur gardeners. You will be able to find everything from fertilizers and substrates for the vegetable garden and the garden through to plant protection products and products to deal with pests that will enable you to keep annoying insects away from you and yours.

Fertiberia, which has been operating for more than 50 years at the maximum level in agriculture, offers all its experience to the service of professionals with this new catalogue of complex NPK fertilizers for fertilizing green areas, which is one of the most comprehensive ones in the sector. A wide range of solutions for all kinds of needs.

Fertiberia Fertilizers

At Fertiberia we manufacture our fertilizers with the purest and most soluble raw materials and using the most innovative industrial processes.

The best chemical quality

· Fully assimilable nutrients

· Phosphorus usable by the crop in its entirety

· With secondary nutrients and with micronutrients

The best physical quality

· Homogeneous particle size, hardness and resistance, low hygroscopicity

· Perfect distribution in the field

In addition to the fact that these products enjoy Fertiberia’s quality guarantee and the guarantee of our production systems, at Fertiberia we inform you in as much detail as possible of the physical and chemical characteristics of each of them and the guidelines that you must follow for correct application. New products are regularly added to this range, always at the forefront of research in the fertilizer sector.

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