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Power2Earth Project

State: In development

Development of the first 100% green and emission-free ammonia and fertiliser plant in Sweden and one of the largest in the world, with the total investment estimated to around 2 billion euros

Based on electrolysis technology, the plant will use only water and air as raw materials and will be powered by renewable energy from wind and hydroelectric sources available in northern Sweden. This initiative is part of Fertiberia’s decarbonisation efforts in Spain, as well as the exceptional conditions offered by the Norrbotten region, where 100% of the electricity produced already comes from renewable sources.

This project foresees the incorporation of different industrial and financial partners, such as Lantmännen, the country’s largest agricultural cooperative, and Nordion Energi, and decisively reinforces our company’s leadership in the use of green hydrogen and low carbon ammonia applied to industry. Green Wolverine will be innovative in both its conception and development, with over 600 MW of electrolyzers, a 1,500 ton/day low carbon ammonia plant and an annual production of over half a million tons of low-carbon fertilizers and industrial products.

More info about Power2Earth:

Full electrolysis capacity

600 MW

Promoter partners

Fertiberia, Lantmännen, Nordion Energi

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