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Barents Blue Project

State: In development

Construction of the largest clean ammonia production plant of Europe

We partnered with Horisont energi for this project: the largest clean ammonia production plant of Europe, located in Finnmark (in northern Norway).

This project consists of the development of a state-of-the-art ammonia plant directly connected to a natural gas field in the Barents Sea. The process will capture 99% of the CO2 generated through an innovative process and will subsequently be directly stored in the Polaris CO2 geological storage.

Barents Blue is expected to produce 1 million tonnes of clean ammonia and will be the world's most energy efficient blue ammonia plant with a best-in-class carbon footprint and well aligned with EU taxonomy. The project will be designed to be able to double production capacity with an additional ammonia plant.

Full electrolysis capacity


Promoter partners

Fertiberia, Horisont Energi

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