Solutions for the environment

polluting gas emissions

Nitrogen oxides (NOx gases) emitted into the atmosphere, which are especially aggressive due to their acidic nature, contribute to the formation of ozone in the atmosphere and play a significant role in increasing the greenhouse effect. Growing contamination by NOx gases has led the most technologically and industrially advanced nations to limit their emissions.

Main sources of NOx gas emissions

The main sources of NOx emissions are combustion systems, mobile (motor vehicles) or fixed stationary sources (thermal power plants), and certain chemical processes such as nitric acid and adipic acid manufacturing plants.

With this in mind, Fertiberia produces, consumes and sells a range of nitrogenous solutions, such as AdBlue® and ammonia solutions, designed to reduce these toxic emissions and considerably reducing their polluting effects.

Combustion systems

Fixed stationary sources

Mobile sources

Chemical processes


AdBlue®, the solution for your vehicle

Cars and industrial vehicles with diesel engines have adopted SCR technology based on AdBlue® as the best way to reduce NOx emissions and respect the increasingly restrictive European regulations. Its use has become necessary in an increasing number of engines.


Industrial installations

Treatment of combustion gases

Catalytic reduction technology has proved to be a very useful weapon in protecting the environment, especially in eliminating NOx gases as it provides effective solutions to transform them into innocuous substances.

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