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Fertiberia’s AdBlue® fully complies with the requirements of all manufacturers of cars and industrial vehicles and always guarantees the best engine performance.


Fertiberia, the main manufacturer of AdBlue®

AdBlue® is the perfect environmental solution for all the range of diesel vehicles that need to reduce their harmful emissions. For both private cars and industrial vehicles, Fertiberia offers a very high-quality product, recommended by the main manufacturers on the market.

Only Fertiberia manufactures AdBlue® in an integrated way in Spain, with this being the only technology capable of guaranteeing a product without foreign elements or contaminants. We are also the largest manufacturer of AdBlue® in Spain and one of the biggest in the European Union.

Fertiberia’s AdBlue® complies with the ISO-22241 standard, which, together with ISO-9002, guarantees the highest quality on the market. Fertiberia is the only manufacturer in Spain that regularly audits all its production facilities.

Fertiberia is a member of AGU (Automotive Grade Urea), part of CEFIC, an association at European level which is exclusively open to the main urea manufacturers.

The first manufacturer in Spain to obtain the AdBlue® production licence from the VDA (German Association of the Automobile Industry) and the only one to manufacture AdBlue® with 100% Spanish urea.

As the largest producer of AdBlue® in Spain and thanks to the fact that it has the most extensive distribution network in the market, Fertiberia guarantees maximum quality and regularity in its deliveries, being the only producer that can guarantee deliveries in bulk in less than 48 hours to any point of Spain. In addition, the strategic location of our production and distribution centres means we can supply the markets and meet the demands of our customers with full guarantees.

At Fertiberia, we offer our customers a very flexible sales process:

  • In bulk to destination (directly to service stations, customer tanks...)

  • 10L-200L drums

  • 1,000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
  • Turnkey projects

Compliance with the European standard

Industrial vehicles

In 2005, the Euro 4 standard for all vehicles over 3.5 t (trucks, buses, etc.) came into force in Europe, which requires a considerable reduction in emissions compared to the Euro 3 standard. This standard has been subsequently updated to give the current Euro 6 standard, which is mandatory for all vehicles, including cars, heavy, agricultural and industrial.

The Euro standards defined by the European Parliament have been limiting the polluting emissions of new vehicles since 1992. The current Euro 6 standard seeks to reduce NOx gases, one of those responsible for the greenhouse effect, by 20%.

In order to adapt to the compliance with the standards in regard to the emission of NOx gases, the main vehicle manufacturers (Mercedes, Renault, Volvo, DAF, Iveco...) have decided to implement SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) throughout their range of industrial vehicles.

The use of SCR technology has been adopted mainly because:

  • It is the only technology that guarantees the reduction of exhaust emissions to the levels established by law.
  • The technology is already prepared for the future, allowing vehicles equipped with this technology to also comply with Euro 5 reference values.
  • It optimises the engine’s performance.


Since 1 September 2014, the anti-pollution Euro 6 standard has also been applied to cars. Since then, new models approved for the Spanish market must comply with the strict limitations in terms of emissions, although it will not be until 1 September 2015 that car registrations prior to Euro 6 will be prohibited. This change will only affect diesel engines that are the emitters of main NOx nitrogen oxide.

Vehicle manufacturers have mostly opted for the use of AdBlue® combined with high performance catalytic systems as the best solution to meet the requirements of the Euro 6 standard.

Fertiberia’s AdBlue® is backed by the VDA (German Association of the Automovile Industry) and can be used in any vehicle equipped with an emission reduction system that uses AdBlue®.

It is recommended that AdBlue® brand products are used exclusively to guarantee the correct functioning and maintenance of catalytic systems. The use of a non-approved urea solution can damage your vehicle as well as not respecting the emission limits established by Law.

SCR technology

Selective Catalytic Reduction

The objective of SCR technology is to reduce the emissions generated during engine combustion by means of a catalytic converter that forms part of the vehicle’s exhaust system.

SCR technology requires a continuous supply of AdBlue®, 32.5% urea solution of maximum quality, as a reducing agent. The AdBlue® is transported in a separate tank in the vehicle since it is not a fuel additive. Like diesel, AdBlue® can be refuelled at service stations (whether public or owned by the customer).


It is estimated that the consumption of AdBlue® represents 5% of the total diesel consumption.

Only manufacturers authorised by the VDA (German Association of the Automobile Industry) can use the AdBlue® brand, the only guarantee that the product meets the demands of the major vehicle brands. The use of a non-certified product can damage important elements of the vehicle and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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