Chemical products for Fertiberia INDUSTRIAL

Chemical products for Fertiberia INDUSTRIAL



They are products with a high level of purity derived from ammonia and urea for both the abatement and elimination of nitrogen oxides (NOx gases) and the treatment of wastewater.

These solutions make it possible to avoid risks to health and the environment, thereby enabling a large number of industries to comply with the restrictive regulatory standards (Euro VI and IPPC) implemented by European and national environmental legislation.

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Chemical industry

The basic products for the production of fertilizers, such as urea, ammonia and nitric acid, are in turn intermediate products for various sectors of the chemical industry. These products are widely used in sectors like steel, pharmaceutics, furniture, wood, cosmetics, chemicals...

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Animal Feed

They are non-protein nitrogen products such as urea, which uses the bacterial flora that lives in the digestive system of ruminants to produce the proteins necessary for the correct nutrition of the animal.

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Industrial Explosives

Solid and liquid products based on ammonium nitrate used both in the manufacture of explosive emulsions and for the production of products such as ANFO (mixture of porous ammonium nitrate with fuel oil), one of the most-used explosives on the market.

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