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Urea Feed

Urea for animal feed


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Urea is a nutritional additive that can be used as a source of non-protein nitrogen for ruminants. The animal can not use urea directly as a source of non-protein nitrogen, but urea helps nourish the ruminal microbiota, releasing ammonia for the synthesis of bacterial protein, improving the intake and digestion of food.

This variety of urea for ruminants is manufactured and packed in our factory in Palos de la Frontera and delivered in bulk, in 25 kg bags and 500 and 1,000 kg big bags.

Safety data sheet Ficha de seguridad Fiche de données de sécurité

Technical specifications

  • Total nitrogen %N Min. 46
  • Ureic nitrogen %N Min. 46
  • Urea % Min. 97
  • Biuret % Max. 1.2
  • Arsenic ppm <0.01
  • Mercury ppm <0.01
  • Chromium ppm <2.0
  • Nickel ppm <0.5
  • Cadmium ppm <0.01
  • Lead ppm <0.01
  • Cobalt ppm <1.0
  • Iron ppm <5.0
  • Selenium ppm <0.1

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