Metallurgical-Grade Ammonia

Metallurgical-Grade Ammonia

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Metallurgical-grade ammonia

Metallurgical-grade ammonia


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Pure anhydrous ammonia is a gas at room temperature and is manufactured from hydrogen and nitrogen by direct catalytic synthesis, cooling and compressing the gas ready for liquefaction. This pure ammonia is only produced in our plant in Palos de la Frontera.

Due to its high degree of purity, metallurgical-grade ammonia is suitable for the most demanding industrial applications such as: metallurgy, refrigeration circuits, amine production, treatment of water for human consumption, pharmaceutical synthesis, etc.

The quality of this product meets the specifications established in UNE standard EN 12126: 1999 on chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption.

For security reasons, the storage, transport and application of anhydrous ammonia are regulated by special regulations.

(*) Technical specifications corresponding to the product manufactured at the Palos plant.

Safety data sheet Ficha de seguridad

Technical specifications

  • Concentration %NH3 Min. 99.99
  • Oil ppm Max. 10
  • Humidity ppm Max. 50
  • CO2 ppm Max. 50
  • Iron ppm 1.0

Form of application

Ammonia must be stored and used with special tanks, pumps, hoses and equipment.

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