Ammonia Solution 25%

Ammonia Solution 25%

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Ammonia solution 25%

Ammonia solution 25%


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Ammoniac solution is a product obtained by dissolving and absorbing anhydrous ammonia in demineralised water of high purity in the appropriate proportion to obtain the desired concentration between 24.5 and 24.9%.

This solution is easier to handle than anhydrous ammonia and can be used safely to control NOx emissions.

Its most frequent uses are:

  • Reduction of NOx emissions in incinerators, cement factories and power plants.
  • Detergency.
  • Contribution of N in yeast production and water treatment.
  • The colourant and dye industry.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis.
  • Wood and leather industry.
  • Fertilizer industry, especially in the production of suspensions.

(*) Technical specifications corresponding to the product manufactured at the Puertollano plant.

Safety data sheet Ficha de seguridad Fiche de données de sécurité

Technical specifications

  • Total ammonia % NH3 24.55 +/- 0.35
  • Density at 20 ºC Kg/l 0.91

Form of application

  • SNCR systems: Injection of the reagent into the gas flow after combustion, where temperatures range between 850 and 1,050 ºC. SNCR technology is widely used in cement plants, waste incinerators, and biomass and conventional fuel boilers.
  • SCR systems: SCR systems: Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by using a catalyst and injecting the reagent into the gas flow after combustion.

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