Calcium Nitrate Solution

Calcium Nitrate Solution

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Calcium nitrate solution

Calcium nitrate solution


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Calcium nitrate solution is manufactured in the Sagunto plant and is obtained by mixing nitric acid, which is produced in the same plant, with calcium carbonate and demineralised water.

This solution is mainly used in the treatment of water to neutralise and prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide that responsible for bad odours in wastewater treatment and sewage networks.

Another of its applications is as an additive for setting concrete. It is added to the concrete before or after mixing and allows its characteristics to be altered.

This product is supplied in bulk in full 24-ton tanks.

(*) Technical specifications corresponding to the product manufactured at the Sagunto plant.

Safety data sheet

Technical specifications

  • Nitric nitrogen %N Mín. 8
  • Calcium %CaO 16.0
  • pH <4.0
  • Density Kg/dm3 1.4

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