Urea at 32,5% - AdBlue

Urea at 32,5% - AdBlue

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Urea at 32.5%


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AdBlue® is a clear and colourless liquid with high purity. Its chemical name is aqueous urea solution 32.5% by weight and its commercial name is automotive grade urea solution.

AdBlue® is produced from the concentration stage of the urea manufacturing process. A stream of 80% urea solution is taken, which is mixed in a static mixer with another stream of demineralised water of high purity. This guarantees quality in accordance with very strict specifications contained in ISO 22241.

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Technical specifications

  • Urea % 31.8 - 33.2
  • Alkalinity as NH3 % Max. 0.2
  • Biuret % Max. 0.3
  • Insoluble % Max. 20
  • Aldehyde mg/kg Max. 5
  • Phosphate mg/kg Max. 0.5
  • Calcium mg/kg Max. 0.5
  • Iron mg/kg Max. 0.5
  • Copper mg/kg Max. 0.2
  • Zinc mg/kg Max. 0.2
  • Chromium mg/kg Max. 0.2
  • Nickel mg/kg Max. 0.2
  • Magnesium mg/kg Max. 0.5
  • Sodium mg/kg Max. 0.5
  • Potassium mg/kg Max. 0.5
  • Aluminium mg/kg Max. 0.5

Form of application

SCR technology requires a continuous supply of AdBlue®, 32.5% urea solution of maximum quality, as a reducing agent.

AdBlue® is classified in the lowest risk category of transportable fluids. It is not combustible, nor is it mixed with the fuel. It is transported in a separate tank in the vehicle. Like diesel, AdBlue® can be refuelled at service stations (whether public or owned by the customer). If AdBlue® is spilled on your hands, simply wash them with water.

It is estimated that the consumption of AdBlue® in industrial vehicles represents 5% of the total diesel consumption and 1% in the case of passenger cars.

Other observations

The use of contaminated or poor quality AdBlue® can lead to costly breakdowns in your vehicle’s catalytic converter. The trademark AdBlue® is owned
by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), which guarantees that all the quality specifications contained in ISO 22241 are met.

Be sure to only purchase a product bearing the AdBlue® name along with the registered trademark (®) on the label for your vehicle. Fertiberia AdBlue® is guaranteed to contain all the quality required for its use in SCR technology.

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