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Import and distribution of Fertiberia group's portfolio

Intergal, with head offices in Madrid and founded in 1980, is the Spanish affiliate of the Portuguese company called Grupo ADP Fertilizantes. Its activity is focused on the marketing of products manufactured mainly in our different production centres and produced, for the most part, by ADP.

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Intergal currently has 130 people on staff and distributes more than 200,000 tonnes of our products per year, both directly from our group's factories and from regulatory warehouses located in different parts of the peninsula.


Main locations

With our head office in Madrid, we are responsible for distributing more than 90% of our sales (both bulk and packaged products) directly from the group's various factories to the customer's final destination. In this way, we ensure delivery in optimum conditions.

We also have our own warehouses in Coreses (Zamora) and Paredes de Nava (Palencia), to complement deliveries at the peak of the agricultural campaigns, thus avoiding possible shortages due to logistical problems.

With our heart in Madrid, we distribute to the rest of Spain

Activity. Distribution and sale of fertilisers and industrial products

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Our Head Office
Intergal, S.A.U.
C/ Agustín de Foxá 27, planta 10
28036 Madrid (Spain)

+34 915 718 835


Close and constant support during all stages of the fertilisation process

Our team, in permanent contact with distributors and farmers, takes the utmost care at every stage of the process:

Specialised advice for correct product selection and decision making in the field

Our support, offered by expert technicians, involves advising customers so that they can make the best decisions regarding plant nutrition.

Agile and controlled distribution for an efficient delivery of each order

We distribute from our own facilities to the final customer and we have different additional logistics points to guarantee deliveries at all times.

Post-sales support

To support our customers throughout the development of their projects and/or crops, solving possible incidents in a personalised way

Our commitment. Our way of working, guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.


The most technological line of products

Intergal distributes the well-known Fertiberia TECH range, the most technological line of crop nutrition solutions, the result of a strong investment in innovation and specialised technical sales advice.

Because of its importance, Fertiberia TECH has its own website where we offer additional services, such as data sheets with characteristics and properties of the different product ranges, the identification of deficiencies by crop nutrient and dichotomous key, as well as access to specific recommendations for each type of crop.

In addition, we have developed a free app to help farmers, technicians and distributors with detailed information on which products in the range are most suitable for crop nutrition.

We also market other Fertiberia lines.


Nutritive, biotechnological liquid formulas to supplement crop nutrition, biofertilisation and bioprotection.


Organic and organo-mineral crop nutrition compounds to be applied to the soil. Suitable for ecological crops.


Water-soluble liquid and solid crop nutrition for application through irrigation water. Suitable for precision agriculture.


Solid crop nutrition compounds for direct application to the soil. Characterized by their high quality.


Tools to get the most out of crops

We provide farmers with different calculators to make their daily work easier.

Fertilisation calculator

Learn the necessary information for a correct fertilisation of the main crops.

Soil, plant and water analyses

Fertilising tips taking into account soil fertility and nutrient content in plants and irrigation water.

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We offer you an extensive network of sales representatives specialised in our different business areas.


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