Plant microbiome and polymers for water efficiency

Humans can survive on a few sips of water a day, but the "water we eat" on a daily basis through the food we consume is much more.

So, with a growing population increasingly shifting its diet towards "water hungry" foods, every effort must be made to improve the way we use water in agriculture and make the most of limited water resources.

At TRICHODEX Grupo Fertiberia, our strong commitment to research and development has allowed us to have innovative solutions for sustainable water use following two main strategies:  

  • Plant microbiome engineering as a new aspect of sustainable agriculture, with the potential to improve crop resilience to drought and better water use. Through a restructuring of the plant microbiome in the soil, endosphere and phyllosphere to alleviate drought stress and improve nutrient availability and absorption.

The combination of these two strategies will allow a sustainable use of water in organic crops.

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