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Fertiberia. Antihormigas protect sólido. Producto de la categoría jardín - antiplagas


Ant control solid protect

Immediate and long-lasting insecticide microgranules for lasting control of ants and other crawling insects.


  • Contains acetamiprid, a highly effective, long-lasting insecticide, which acts by contact and ingestion. The ants carry the microgranules to the nest, thus contaminating the rest of the colony and eliminating the nests.

Dealer information:

  • Reference: 7335 | Presentation: 200 gr | Unit/Box: 12 | EAN Code: 8436029827335


Acetamiprid 0.20%; Bitter tasting substance 0.002%.

Mode of application:

  • It is recommended to apply in areas of ant infestation and transit (floors, skirting boards, etc.) as well as in cracks or at the entrance to their nests, forming a thin layer, at a ratio of 20 g/m2 (mark III on the dispenser).
  • Apply a barrier treatment around the areas to be protected. If necessary, reapply after 2-3 weeks.
  • To maintain the insecticidal activity of the product, do not clean the treated areas. In case of rain during the first 24 hours after application, repeat the treatment.

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