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Fertiberia. Trampa antihormigas. Producto de la categoría jardín - antiplagas


Ant trap

Insecticide in the form of a very attractive and appetising gel-bait with a long-lasting effect in the control of all types of ants. The ants come into contact with the product, ingest it and become impregnated with it, carrying it to the nest where it will contaminate the rest of the colony.


Acts by contact and ingestion. High attracting power. Ant colony eradicated in a few days.

Dealer information:

  • Reference: 0312 | Presentation: 3×5 gr | Unit/Box: 12 | EAN Code: 8436029820312


Acetamiprid 0.1%.

Mode of application

Place the bait in areas where ants proliferate. To activate the bait, press to break the tabs. Replace after 2-3 weeks.

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