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Fertiberia. Jardinería - Jardín. Producto de la categoría sustratos - arcilla expandida


Expanded clay

Balls of highly porous, homogeneous, lightweight natural clay used as a decorative and drainage element in pots and planters.


  • Maintains soil humidity, preventing evaporation.
  • Protects the ground from temperature changes.
  • Prevents weeds in the soil by creating a physical barrier to their germination.

Dealer information:

  • Reference: 9490 | Presentation: 5 litres |  Unit/Pack: 4 | Unic/Pallet: 228 | EAN Code: 8436029829490

Technical specifications

100 % expanded clay.

Mode of application


  • Clean the ground and spread a 2 – 6 cm layer of expanded clay.


  • Spread a 2-6 cm layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot or planter.

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