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Fertiberia. Enraizante natural. Producto de la categoría jardín - especialidades


Natural rooting product

Liquid rooting product that stimulates root growth and production in transplanted plants, cuttings, bulbs and staking.


  • The natural origin of the components of the formulation makes the product totally harmless, avoiding the use of synthetic substances.

Dealer information:

  • Reference: 7649 | Presentation: 50 ml | Unit/Box: 12 | EAN Code: 8436029827649

Technical specifications

NPK 3-2-3 solution with natural amino acids, seaweed extract and chelated microelements.

Mode of application


Apply in irrigation water at a ratio of 5 ml (one cap) per litre every week.


Dip the cuttings in a 50% solution by direct immersion for a few seconds (10 to 20 seconds).

Do not exceed the indicated dosage.

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