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Fertiberia. Orquídeas. Producto de la categoría jardín - fertilizantes líquidos



Liquid fertiliser indicated for all types of orchids.


  • Promotes flowering and boosts eye-catching and natural colours.
  • Incorporates seaweed extract that provides greater photosynthetic activity, increases vegetative growth and increases resistance to adverse situations and stress.

Dealer information:

  • Reference: 4280 | Presentation: 500 ml | Unit/Box: 18 | Unit/MiniBox: 60 | EAN Code: 8436029824280

Technical specifications

NPK 4-4-8+ chelated microelements with EDTA+0.5% seaweed extract.

Mode of application

  • 1 cap for 3 litres of water.
  • Do not fertilise during the resting period of orchids, or newly transplanted or divided plants.

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