Retrofeed Project


The project aims to drive environmentally friendly processes.

Retrofitting in the process industry towards variable, bio-based and circular feedstock.

Currently, we are the largest fertiliser company in the Mediterranean. In addition, we are members of the most relevant international and national associations in the sector, such as the BBI Consortium (Bio-Based Industries), Fertilizers Europe (European Fertilizer Producers Association) and IFA (International Fertilizer Association).

  • We produce simple and complex solid and liquid fertilisers, covering all the needs of today's farmers, providing them with solutions for large-scale non-irrigated crops and crops using traditional and drip irrigation methods, regardless of their climate and soil conditions.

This position is ideally suited to drive environmentally friendly processes.


  • Implementation of a smart retrofitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, bio-based and circular feedstock.
  • Achieving an alternative feedstock supply to enable the industry to reduce its dependence on supplies from sources outside the EU.
  • Exploiting by-products by obtaining new and alternative feedstock sources from them.
  • Reducing consumption through the use of alternative sources by integrating waste heat from reactions.
  • Retrofitting the current process control and procedures to ensure a quality product, as well as health and safety conditions.



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